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MAESTRO  70% Merino, 30% CASHMERE,  Nm Count  1/15 000

CESARI 70 % Merino, 30% CASHMERE,  Nm Count  1/14 000

Both Cashmere Blends will look special whatever style you choose. 


Two beautiful blends of Merino and Cashmere which feel and wear better than many lower qualities of 100% Cashmere; warm, light, soft - all the superb  qualities you expect from a good yarn blend.  Whether you decide on a latest designer style or a classic elegant garment you will always enjoy knitting with them and even more so wearing. They are fine yarns and therefore mainly used double (we supply it already wound double [2 strands wound together] on one cone unless requested otherwise). It is ideally suited for lady’s and man’s jumpers and cardigans as well as skirts and dresses.


The average requirement for a jumper or cardigan is up to 350g already wound double.  A 400 gram cone is required for a ribbed carding as for Design   

The yarn is supplied already wound double unless otherwise requested.


The difference between these two yarns is the metric count, CESARI is just a fraction thicker than MAESTRO, but either yarn can be used for the same pattern and the quantities stated also apply to both.


To obtain the smooth and velvety finish, this fibre is renown for, the tension square and the garment requires for the first wash a fairly warm to hot hand wash, thereafter lukewarm hand wash is recommended, it can also be dry cleaned.


Machine Knitting: It is suitable for all Japanese machines as well as Passap and Pfaff. For a ribbed cast-on put the Slide Lever on the Ribber on II with Brother machines (reset it to I after the selvedge), use the P-Carriage with Knitmaster machines. Passap and Pfaff machines require none of this.  The Main Tension can vary from 5 to 10 depending on the texture you want to achieve.


Hand Knitting: Needle size 2.5 mm to 3 mm for welt and cuff ribbing, needle size 3.75 to 4.5 mm for stocking stitch.

Design M 223

Pattern M 223 Intarsia:

The instructions are for working with the Intarsia Carriage. They also  include step-by-step instructions for sewing the underarm seam to achieve perfectly matching stripes.

This pattern is available at £5.50 as PDF email attachment.

   Step-by-step instructions for
   joining the panels
NEW DESIGN in Maestro and Cesari

Pattern M 223 Without Intarsia Carriage
Includes step-by-step instructions, all supported with photographs, to knit the individual panels in order to achieve an easy and neat finishing.
It also covers in great details the joining of the stripes along the underarm seam.
This pattern is available at £7.50 as PDF email attachment. 

The finished garment in small/medium weights 220g but a total of  requirement is 400g : -

100g Cesari Col 102, 70g Maestro Col 150, 80g Cesari Col 03P, 120g Cesari Col 155, 30g Cesari Col 35.

If you happen to have some left over of small quantities of either Maestro or Cesari and would like to use them and change the colour scheme accordingly  let me know what colours you have and how much of each as well as the overall colour scheme you would like to obtain, I will then try to complement those colours with other small quantities.

See also special KIT off on right.

This Design can be knitted with or without the Intarsia Carriage. A separate pattern is available for each.

  Perfect match of the stripes
  along the underarm seam.
For the full colour range including NEW COLOURS and OTHER DESIGNS in Cashmere/Wool please see below.

SPECIAL OFFER for KIT M 223 in the colours shown

FOR A LIMITED PERIOD at  £55.00 including UK postage excluding pattern.

Cesari 03P

CESARI and MAESTRO are  supplied on standard size cones of 350 grams already wound double (2 ends wound together)  unless requested otherwise, as well as on 400g cones and 50 gram cones wound single or double.

 The average requirement of both qualities for a jumper is around 300g and for a cardigan up to 350g.

Cesari 72

Cesari 155

Cesari 102

Cesari 41

Cesari 70

Maestro 150

Maestro 03

Maestro 43

Maestro 26

Maestro 44

Maestro 28

Maestro 01

Maestro 06

Maestro 42

Maestro 17

Maestro 18

Maestro 05

Maestro 15

Cesari 149

Cesari 143

Cesari 35

When choosing a colour please keep in mind that all monitors vary. However, I was told and it seems to be true, to get a good representation of a colour scroll to bring the colour to appear in the middle of your screen. 

MAESTRO: 350g    £64.00

                    400g    £73.00

                      50g    £11.00

CESARI: 350g     £57.00
                400g    £65.00
                  50g     £ 9.90
For postage see below.
For smaller or larger quantities or any other preferences please write to me  

Design 28, unisex jumper with two cable panels, which of course can be omitted.  With the CLASSIC SHOULDER LINE, as featured with step-by-step instructions in Book No.3, it produces a smooth elegant shoulder and is very easy to knit and extremely easy to sew.

Design 205

Design 57

Design 57

Design M 911

A classic jumper for all occasions. In Stocking Stitch (no Ribber required)










Sleeve and welt edging for M 911


Design 59

Design 57


Design 56

150g will knit this very smart,  useful and practical waistcoat.The trimmings along the armhole are knitted easily when knitting the front/back.

Design 224, NEW Hot of the Press. The pattern will be available shortly.

M 05 the CLASSIC Cardigan as featured in Book No.3 in the KNIT TO FINISH series - the CLASSIC SHOULDER LINE.

NEW Design 223 (for details click on picture)

All above patterns are available at £4.50 with exception of the patterns with step-by-step instructions: -
M 223 with Intarsia Carriage £5.50
M 223 without Intarsia Carriage £7.50
M 75  £6.50.

Design 75


Design 58 - sideways knitted tabard, with very small armhole and neck trimmings

The pattern includes a short version as shown here as well as a longer version.

Easy to knit  with a charming and flattering roll neck without clinging to the neck. The pattern includes all three different collar sizes - small, medium and high.



    At present orders an be placed: -

    By email to

    By telephone with all major Credit Cards to Nina A Miklin on  020 8455 1996, outside UK 00 44 208455 1996

    By post to Nina A Miklin, P O Boc 71930, London NW2 9QZ, enclosing a cheque.



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For payment by PayPal please send an email to  with details of the items you want to order stating: -

The Pattern number(s); the YARN  quality, colour number and quantity; the Book number or title.

For all orders we will then forward you an invoice via PayPal. Upon receipt of payment we shall forward the goods immediately.

For more information on any item or confirmation of Yarn requirement for a particular garment, please do contact us. We will be happy to answer any questions and let you know the cost of each of the item you are interested in. You can then decide on your requirements. Upon receipt of your firm order we will send an invoice via PayPal. 







    UK: - ONE  cone £3.80, TWO cones £4.80; THREE to FOUR cones £8.00; FIVE to TEN cones £10.00. For Milan see Milan page

    OUTSIDE UK:  Postage at cost. After checking the exact cost we will sent you an invoice for it via PayPal..


    UK: ONE Book £1.60; TWO books £2.50.

    OUTSIDE UK:  ONE Book £6.00; TWO books £8.00


    UK: ONE Pattern 90p; TWO to THREE Patterns £1.60; FOUR or more Patterns FREE POSTAGE.

    OUTSIDE UK:  ONE Pattern £2.00; TWO Patterns £3.50; THREE or more Patterns £4.50 (maximum £4.50!)






All patterns are available at £4.50 each

with exception of

the following Machine Knitting Patterns which include step-by-step instructions: -

M 61, M 62, M 63, M 207 and M 72, M 223 with Intarsia Carriage at £5.50

M 74 and M 75 at £6.50

M 223 without Intarsia Carriage at £7.50







FOR FURTHER INFORMATION on any of the products please send an email to,

or telephone Nina on 020 8455 1996, outside UK 00 44 208455 1996

or write to Nina Miklin, P O Box 71930 London W2 9QZ.