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    At present orders an be placed: -

    By telephone with all major Credit Cards to Nina A Miklin on  020 8740 3599, outside UK 00 44 208740 3599.

    By post to Nina A Miklin, P O Boc 32503, London W3 8GD, enclosing a cheque.

    By email to


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For payment by PayPal please send an email to  with details of the items you want to order stating: -

The Pattern number(s); the YARN  quality, colour number and quantity; the Book number or title.

For orders we will forward you an invoice via PayPal. Upon receipt of payment we shall forward the goods immediately.

For more information on any item or confirmation of Yarn requirement for a particular garment, please do contact us. We will be happy to answer any questions and let you know the cost of each of the item you are interested in. You can then decide on your requirements. Upon receipt of your firm order we will send an invoice via PayPal. 







    UK: - ONE to TWO cones £5.20; THREE to FOUR cones £8.00; FIVE to TEN cones £10.00.

    OUTSIDE UK:  Postage at cost.


    UK: ONE Book £1.60; TWO books £2.50.

    OUTSIDE UK:  ONE Book £3.50; TWO books £6.50.


    UK: ONE Pattern 90p; TWO to THREE Patterns £1.60; FOUR or more Patterns FREE POSTAGE.

    OUTSIDE UK:  ONE Pattern £2.00; TWO Patterns £3.50; THREE or more Patterns £4.50 (maximum £4.50!)






All patterns are available at £3.50 each

with exception of

the following Machine Knitting Patterns which include step-by-step instructions:

M 61, M 62, M 63 and

M 72 at £5.50

and M 74 at £6.50.

Pattern M 75 is available in the standard version at £3.50

as well as with step-by-step instructions at £6.50







FOR FURTHER INFORMATION on any of the products please send an email to,

or telephone Nina on 020 8740 3599, outside UK 00 44 208740 3599

or write to Nina Miklin, P O Box 32503, London W3 8GD.


A beautiful yarn producing fantastic results. Light but warm, it lends itself to all types of garments. Durable and hard wearing but soft to the touch and smart in appearance.

This yarn can be used single or double for machine or hand knitting. It is also suitable wound treble for chunky machines or hand knitting.

Average requirement for a jumper or cardigan using the yarn double (2 ends wound together): 300 to 400 grams.

Being a natural fine quality fibre it can be knitted on a loose tension as successfully as on tight tension with stunning results depending on the type of texture desired.

Machine Knitting: Tension 2 to Tension 10.

Hand Knitting: Needle size 2 mm to 5 mm.

There are at present no patterns available for this yarn, however some ROMA or FINE CASHMERE patterns can easily be adapted to this yarn.

100%  BABY ALPACA   Nm Count 2/15

100% BABY ALPACA is supplied single

on 200 gram cones at £28.00 each and

on 400 gram cones at £56.00 each.

Col. 27

Col. 37

Col. 26

Col. 08


CREMA - 70% Wool 30% Silk  Nm Count 3/9.000



Col. 08
Col. 18
Col. 07


Design 63 is ideally suited for this yarn. The pattern is available for machine and hand knitting.


A soft natural fibre blend of Wool and Silk.

Due to the yarn's supple characteristics the Nm Count of 3/9.000 (somewhere around what is generally known as a 'fine double knit') still allows it to be knitted on a standard gauge machine on every other needle as well as on a chunky machine and is well suited for hand knitting.

A 400 to 450 gram cone will knit a jumper or cardigan. Approximately Tension 10 on a standard gauge machine working on every alternate needle; Needle size 5 to 5.5 mm for hand knitting.


 CREMA is supplied on 450g cones at £39.90